[Debian GNUstep maintainers] GDL2 Release for Debian Lenny

Gürkan Sengün sengun at phys.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 6 07:58:51 UTC 2008

Hello David

> I would like to plan a GDL2 release for Lenny.  I'm not sure what the
> exact deadlines are but they are approaching.  Some of the GDL2
> prerequisites are

I've got an approximate deadline for Lenny here:
Days until Lenny release (15 September 2008) 100

> -make [current version in Lenny: 2.0.5 Sid: 2.0.5]
> -base [current version in Lenny: 1.14.1 Sid: 1.14.1]
> -gui [current version in Lenny: 0.12.0 Sid: 0.12.0]
> -back [current version in Lenny: 0.12.0 Sid: 0.12.0]
> Renaissance [current version in Lenny: 0.8.0 Sid: 0.9.0]
> GORM.app [current version in Lenny: 1.2.2 Sid: 1.2.2]

I think having a more up to date GNUstep in Lenny would be very good,
that'd also encourage me to udpate the livecd.gnustep.org again.

I'd wish someone picked up emacs.app too.

The http://www.opentrack.ch/ developer was kinda disappointed when
we tried to build his app on Linux, the Windows and GNUstep versions
are not in sync so half of his stuff didn't work...

> I would like to know which versions (stable/unstable) are to be expected
> for Lenny so that I can match/remove some of the workarounds and hacks
> needed.

If we manage to make new and non memory leaking (timemon.app+gnustep-gui, right 
bheron?) tarball releases and Hubert can insert them into Lenny, I'm all up
to help transition all the GNUstep software in Debian for Lenny. Including


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