[Debian GNUstep maintainers] GDL2 Release for Debian Lenny

Yavor Doganov yavor at gnu.org
Fri Jun 6 17:04:48 UTC 2008

Hubert Chathi wrote:
> Until the LGPL3/GPL2 issue is resolved, those are the latest
> versions that we can have in Debian, or else we'd have to get rid of
> Terminal.app (and a few other packages) from Debian.

It's a judgement call.  IMVHO we should not hold a major GNUstep
update just for this, especially in the situation now (i.e. what will
be shipped in Lenny).  The goodness that the new GNUstep brings
outweighs the loss, having in mind that this will be GNUstep for some
users in the next 1.5-2 years.

It would enable us to update Gorm, Project Center, SimpleAgenda and
will be better as a whole for stable users.  Releasing Lenny with the
current versions would leave Project Center out, and will generate the
familiar (true in some sense) rants "Debian ships an outdated stable
release with obsolete GNUstep".

"Resolving" the licensing issue for Debian means updating the
meta-package and asking for removal or Terminal, Vindaloo (ViewPDF),
PopplerKit, EdenMath and others and rebuilding GWorkspace without the
PDF inspector.  Of course we will reintroduce these packages when/if
the problem is resolved.  Sad and rather unfortunate, but that's how
it is.  We (or more precisely you as the leader and maintainer of the
most important parts) have to make a decision and there is no time.

> Yeah, there are a couple of build failures that I need to look into for
> Renaissance 0.9.0 on powerpc and hppa.

AFAIU the hppa build failure is an ICE, so it's a bug in GCC.  The
powerpc one smells like that too.

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