[Debian GNUstep maintainers] Bug#528005: projectcenter.app: built against binutils(2.18.1~cvs20080103-7) broken on squeeze, sid or experimental

Yavor Doganov yavor at gnu.org
Sun May 10 20:21:50 UTC 2009

Marc J. Driftmeyer wrote:
> binutils (2.19.1-1)
> Hence, it's broken for Sid.

OK, but that's still odd.  All the packages you quote were built on
nautilus, so the only logical explanation is some problem with the
build environment there.  But the build logs say the contrary...

Could you please try a package that was built on the other amd64
buildd (excelsior), like lusernet.app?

What puzzles me most is how binutils comes into the picture.  This
package is not required at all to be present on the user's system and
no GNUstep stuff depends on it, AFAIK.  GNUstep Base optionally uses
libbfd for NSException, but it's not enabled in the Debian package
(maybe it should).

Can you post the output of `ldd /usr/bin/ProjectCenter' and `ldd

What about `gdnc --help' (or any other GNUstep tool)?

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