Bug#402863: [Pkg-gnutls-maint] Bug#402863: gnutls server requests wrong DNs from the client

Max Kellermann max at duempel.org
Thu Jan 4 20:43:49 CET 2007

On 2007/01/04 20:19, James Westby <jw+debian at jameswestby.net> wrote:
> Do you have a strong desire for these patches to be in quickly/in
> the sid version? Note that I can't promise anything, but if you do
> then we can look in to it. I also don't think they qualify for an
> update for etch at this point either.

Two of these three bugs are able to render libgnutls unusable for most
real world applications (the third bug can be worked around).
Therefore I suggest that you include bug fixes in the etch

However there is no need to hurry.  I am already using my own patched
packages; my problem is solved for now.


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