gnutls 2.10.5-2 and 2.12.7-1 on ARM are failing with PSK

Hardy Griech ntbox at
Thu Jul 7 12:17:02 UTC 2011


my ARM hardware is a NAS with a Marvell Kirkwood processor.  I'm using a 
modified version of libapache2-mod-gnutls to allow 

After updating gnutls from 2.10.5-1 to 2.10.5-2 PSK stopped working.  It 
stated in the log "GnuTLS: Handshake Failed (-24) 'Decryption has failed.'".

Upgrading to 2.12.7-1 also did not help.

2.12.7-1 works with the modified libapache2-mod-gnutls on an i386 box.

Testing connections with gnutls-serv and gnutls-cli showed, that 
gnutls-serv on the ARM platform did not work, while the client does.  On 
the PC platform both worked.

Fetching gnutls from, compiling and installing it (on 
/usr/local) gave me a working PSK configuration with apache on the ARM box.

So my diagnosis is, that libgnutls on ARM is somehow broken.

Anybody else?  Anything I can test?


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