gnutls 2.10.5-2 and 2.12.7-1 on ARM are failing with PSK

Hardy Griech ntbox at
Fri Jul 8 07:41:16 UTC 2011

On 08.07.2011 06:24, Hardy Griech wrote:
> I can download only gnutls26 2.12.7-2 through "apt-get source gnutls26"

BTW: building gnutls 2.12.7-2 on the ARM box via

    apt-get source gnutls26
    apt-get build-dep gnutls26
    debuild -us -uc

results in the following output:

    server handshake Decryption has failed. (-24)
    server received -10 vs. 24
    server bye GnuTLS internal error. (-59)

After that debuild seems to hang (top shows 0% CPU).  There is also no 

On the i386 machine debuild runs until its end and created 8 "*.deb" files.

Anything I can do?


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