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(new) libgnutls-openssl27_2.11.7-2_i386.deb standard libs
the GNU TLS library - OpenSSL wrapper
 GnuTLS is a portable library which implements the Transport Layer
 Security (TLS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 protocols.
 GnuTLS features support for:
  - TLS extensions: server name indication, max record size, opaque PRF
    input, etc.
  - authentication using the SRP protocol.
  - authentication using both X.509 certificates and OpenPGP keys.
  - TLS Pre-Shared-Keys (PSK) extension.
  - Inner Application (TLS/IA) extension.
  - X.509 and OpenPGP certificate handling.
  - X.509 Proxy Certificates (RFC 3820).
  - all the strong encryption algorithms (including SHA-256/384/512 and
    Camellia (RFC 4132)).
 This package contains the runtime library of the GnuTLS OpenSSL wrapper.
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Changes: gnutls26 (2.11.7-2) experimental; urgency=low
  * 18_libgnutls-openssl_soname.diff. Bump libgnutls-openssl soname (libtool
    versioning: 27:0:0).
  * Split off libgnutls-openssl to a separate package, since the sonames are
    not in sync anymore.

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