Mon Feb 13 09:38:28 UTC 2012

I write to inform you that we have transferred USD$400,000 dollars.
The fund was deposited for transfer to you by MR Perry Poston from
BlackBerry Mobile Company as a winning prize of the last held home 
play draw held by the communication company to encourage usage and 
appreciate already users of their product. 

The money is available to be received by receiver(you) but when you 
track it on our website, it will display INVALID TRANSACTION due to
the fact that it has been deactivated for security reason because it 
has stayed longer that programmed as we have been trying to reach you 
via email but they kept bouncing back for some days now for reasons
not known to us. Therefore you can not cash it out in any western union
office due to its restriction from our head office which was a security
measure because the money has been in the air for three days now and maybe 
in danger, hence the mtcn has to be reactivated to enable you cash out 
the money in any western union office in your area, the reactivation of 
the MTCN will cost you a  token of $165 once this is paid, the MTCN will
be activated. To be sure of this please log on to  
and click on track to and enter the sender's info and mtcn below.

Sender's Fist name: Perry
Sender's Last Name: Poston
MTCN: 4255303926
Question: Who Is Great
Answer: God
Amount: $5000.00USD
Total Amount To be cashed:$400,000usd

  With due respect please get back to me urgently after
tracking the money online so i can instruct you on how
to send the $165 to us for the reactivation of the MTCN.

Best Regards
Mr.Phoenix Mcferrin.
western union Office,
Malaysia Office.
+601 024 013 75
Western Union® Money Transfer

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