[m68k] gnutls26 confirmed really slow

schmitz schmitz at biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Tue Jan 1 23:07:06 UTC 2013

>> I'm following this direction because there is no blocker reported until
>> now.
> That’s fine, but then I’d really love to have the… nongnu-tls now,
> I suppose… problems fixed. If you look at the numbers I produced,
> there’s a difference of roughly 20 seconds between gnutls26-cli
> (~40s) and wget built against gnutls26 (~60s). Do you have any
> idea where that could come from?
Network timeouts or number of network connections used - DNS lookup for 

Have you tried to compare the number of system calls or extent of 
network activity with strace/ethereal?

I'd also suggest profiling but then I'm extremely uncertain about the 
state of that on m68k.



> I personally find these times still unacceptable when OpenSSL can
> do the same task within less than two seconds. Including certificate
> validation. But it’s hard to pin the fault at someone (either piece
> of software or developers or maintainers) so please nobody take this
> against themselves, it’s just a frustration with the general situation
> (and being used to have everything use OpenSSL on my BSD system at
> home, which Just Works).
> I’m trying to make an m68k “porterbox” available (a VM, or possibly
> several of them), so if someone wants to have a look at this while
> bored, please tell me. (Right now, the method is to run a VM on
> your own machine yourself, which may be too much initial setup
> effort for most.) Either upstream or maintainers.
> bye,
> //mirabilos

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