Bug#640123: wheezy fresh install

Trek trek00 at inbox.ru
Fri Jan 11 06:16:37 UTC 2013


I have recently installed a new wheezy i386 system and claws-mail fails
when checking mail on a POP3 SSL connection with this error message:

claws-mail: /build/buildd-cairo_1.12.2-2-i386-1cmzkR/cairo-1.12.2/src/cairo-surface.c:1591:
cairo_surface_set_device_offset: Assertion "status ==

after installing the squeeze version of libgcrypt11 1.4.5-2 all run

The downgrade of libgrypt11 breaks libcryptsetup4 and at the boot the
encrypted swap partitions are not started, with a dmesg error:

device-mapper: ioctl: Unable to rename non-existent device,
sda1_crypt_unformatted to sda1_crypt

but after the boot they starts manually doing:

service cryptdisks start

To resolve this issue I have installed libgcrypt11 1.4.6-9 from:


So, I can confirm the bug in a fresh install of wheezy and the bugfix
downgrading libgcrypt11 to the 1.4.6-9 version.

I would please to help resolving this bug providing more info if useful
or at least to warn the maintainer that the 1.4.6 version would be
preferable in wheezy.

The downgrade seems to only affect the package aria2, but it seems that
can be rebuilt with this version. All the other packages in main are
built with the 1.4.5 or the 1.4.6 version, 203 and 8 packages


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