install libgnutls-dev:i386

Andreas Metzler ametzler at
Mon Dec 8 06:23:32 UTC 2014

On 2014-12-07 Carlo Marchiori <carlo.marchiori at> wrote:
> Trying to build wine I get

> ./configure | grep gnutls
> checking gnutls/gnutls.h usability... yes
> checking gnutls/gnutls.h presence... yes
> checking for gnutls/gnutls.h... yes
> *checking for -lgnutls... not found*

> I've found that this is because configure compiles a fake program on the
> fly
> to verify that linking libgnutls behaves as expected.
> It expects the output of readelf -d against the compiled program to contain
> the line

> (NEEDED) Shared library: []

> but instead it finds

> (NEEDED) Shared library: []


How about looking at the obvious place, Debian's wine packages?

cu Andreas

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