Bug#772055: libgnutls-deb0-28:amd64: Certificate Status Request (OCSP stapling) check fails with mozilla.org

Andreas Metzler ametzler at bebt.de
Mon Dec 8 12:34:04 UTC 2014

Control: tags -1 fixed upstream

On 2014-12-04 Alessandro Ghedini <ghedo at debian.org> wrote:
> Package: libgnutls-deb0-28
> Version: 3.3.8-5
> Severity: normal

> Hi,

> I've been playing with GnuTLS OCSP stapling support, but I noticed
> that it seems to reject apparently valid responses (e.g. the
> mozilla.org one).

> I attached a "simple" code example that connects to a server and checks the
> stapled OCSP response using gnutls_ocsp_status_request_is_checked().
>   % ./a.out mozilla.org 443
>   Certificate check FAIL


this was fixed in upstream GIT (gnutls_3_3_x branch) after the 3.3.10

cu Andreas
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