gnutls28 transition

peter green plugwash at
Sun May 4 01:14:17 UTC 2014

Dimitri John Ledkov wrote:
> Hello all,
> gmp has been recently re-licensed and all architectures and ports have
> the updated gmp in jessie/sid. Well, all but powerpcspe & x32 both of
> which recently have negative slope on their build status graphs.
> Thus GPLv2 and LGPLv3 compatible software packages can link against gnutls28.
> Should we start transition to gnutls28 by default, for all packages
> that are compatible?
> Can powerpcspe & x32 porters try to get latest gmp built?
Personally I'd add a (build-)depends on the relicensed gmp in the next 
gnutls28 upload. That way packages can (build-)depend on the new gnutls 
and be assured of getting a GPLv2 compatible version.

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