Bug#748329: p11-kit fails to build on wheezy with automake < 1.12

Stefan Bühler lighttpd at stbuehler.de
Fri May 16 08:52:19 UTC 2014

Package: p11-kit
Version: 0.20.2-5


p11-kit from jessie fails to build with automake 1.11 from debian
wheezy. (Also this is why I think dh-autoreconf is bad).

You need a manual additional dependency on automake >= 1.12 due to
"serial-tests" (or find a better patch for "enable_locale.diff" and
drop dh-autoreconf):

configure.ac:25: option `serial-tests' not recognized

Also someone could tell upstream to change the line to:

AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.12 foreign serial-tests])

because it certainly won't work with automake 1.10.


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