Urgent Business Proposal

Mr. Mallam Tanko mallatanko69 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 1 04:37:47 UTC 2016

Dear Friend,

I am MR. MALLAM TANKO, the Manager of Account and Auditing Department
in Bank of Africa (BOA) Burkina Faso West African. I wish to let you
know that during a routine audit check on accounts, that i discovered
a fixed deposit account, which is presently dormant. This account has
been dormant for the last sixteen (16) years. The deposit belongs to a
single holder with a total amount slightly above $10.5 Million United
States Dollars. Meanwhile, the Banking regulation/legislation in this
country demands that i notify the organization responsibly for an
unclaimed asset after a statutory time period of years when dormant
accounts of this type are discovered. The above set of facts
underscores my reason of writing to you and making the following

My investigations of the said account reveals that the investor died
in the year 2000 - the exact time the account was last operated. I can
confirm with certainty that the said investor died along with his
suppose next of kin and of which I am of the settled conviction that
using my insider leverage working with you can secure the funds in the
account for us instead of allowing it to pass as an unclaimed fund
into the coffers of the Burkina Faso Government. The banking law and
guidelines here stipulates that if such money remains unclaimed
/abandoned for long time, the money will be transferred into the bank
treasury as unclaimed fund.

I adhere to inform you that with my position as a manager in this bank
guarantees the successful execution of this (deal) transaction and
there will be no risk involved whatsoever if you agree to co-operate.
However MAXIMUM PRIVACY is of vital importance if we are to
successfully reap the immense benefits of this transaction. To confirm
your willingness and co-operation to my proposal, Get back to me for
more details.

Your prompt response will be highly appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Mr. Mallam Tanko.

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