looking forward for your reply.

Mgr.John Diekovich onijikasuzu1 at e1.ru
Thu Mar 16 01:35:36 UTC 2017

Hello My   Dear,

I represent a  Private Business and Investment Research Consultants,
Presently; we have some clients (Investors/politicians) who have shown
interests in doing business overseas.
 then i  decided to approach you to request for your assistance to explore
this investment opportunity.

Our clients have shown interest in long term investment projects like in
Real Estate, Hotels, Agriculture, Schools and others.
But your advice and recommendation will be welcomed because it will help
us to ascertain the best for my clients and advice them
satisfactorily.even involve is gate of Dansuki  funds,

They are willing, able and ready to finance huge projects with good return
on investment (ROI), I have understanding with these investors that
they'll remain anonymous because of their political interest and would
like you to respect  their  wish  pending  the end  of  negotiations. Note
 that  the funds   to  be  invested  is  in  Spain.

If you are interested to work with us as partners to actualize our
investment intentions do not hesitate to revert to us with your
recommended projects details (The Executive Summary) for our perusals. 
Reply  via  this  my  other  email., onijikasuzu at e1.ru,
Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours' Faithfully,
Mgr.John Diekovich

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