[pkg-go] RFS: golang-revel

Potter, Tim (Cloud Services) timothy.potter at hp.com
Thu May 14 04:33:45 UTC 2015

Hi everyone.  I’ve made some progress packaging up the dependencies for fleet.  Or rather one of the dependencies for golang-libcontainer which is a dependency for fleet.  Can someone please take a look with a view to uploading these to unstable?

I’ve got seven packages that make up the Go web framework, revel, at http://revel.github.io.  Here’s the list of packages, all of which are available for inspection under http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-go

* golang-revel (ITP: #785168)
* golang-gocolorize (ITP: #785169)
* golang-robfig-config (ITP: #785176)
* golang-pathtree (ITP: #785179)
* golang-gomemcache (ITP: #785174)
* golang-robfig-go-cache (ITP: #785175)
* golang-redigo (ITP: #785172)

There’s a question about some of the package names though.  I’ve named the github.com/robfig/config package golang-robfig-config since golang-config sounded too generic.  For golang-robfig-go-cache, since it is a fork of the canonical go-cache at github.com/pmylund/go-cache. Rob F’s version has unmarked commits from pmylund, but also some new commits that are used by Revel.  

I’ve tried to assume the Go module naming convention of github.com/username/reponame but with a golang prefix.  I’d appreciate some comments on this idea.


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