[pkg-go] Changing dh-golang to work with Go shared libraries

Michael Hudson-Doyle michael.hudson at canonical.com
Tue Jun 16 03:02:54 UTC 2015


Some of you have already seen and commented on my proposal on how to
change dh-golang to build and link against Go shared libraries, coming
(on amd64 at least) in Go 1.5:
I've just made some small edits to it around the name of the shared
objects that are built.

I'm attaching two patches that implement the scheme described in the
doc. I've not tested them super extensively but they do seem to work
(with a go package from my branch at
https://github.com/mwhudson/go/tree/ubuntu-vivid, ignore the branch
name, it builds fine on sid).

I'd be most interested in any comments anyone has.

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