[pkg-go] Bug#790670: RM: golang-raft -- ROM; FTBFS; abandoned upstream

Michael Stapelberg stapelberg at debian.org
Tue Jun 30 18:46:29 UTC 2015

Package: ftp.debian.org
Severity: normal

With the newest upload of golang-goprotobuf, golang-raft now fails to
build from source, see #789987.

There is a trivial fix for this problem, but upstream does not want to
merge it as the library is unmaintained:

All consumers of the library have moved to other libraries. It was
originally packaged for etcd, which has moved to its own raft

There are no reverse-dependencies in Debian on this package.

I’ve consulted with Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at debian.org>, and he agreed
to remove the package entirely instead of fixing this issue in Debian:

21:52 sECuRE> actually, which package depends on golang-raft, i.e. why did you
package it? using debian code search, i can’t find any packages with references
to golang-raft-dev
21:53 sECuRE> i’m just wondering because the upstream package is unmaintained,
see e.g.  https://github.com/goraft/raft/pull/245
Day changed to 30 Jun 2015
01:10 jelmer> it was packaged for etcd, but etcd no longer uses it
08:57 sECuRE> i see. i think it’d be better to remove it from debian entirely,
then. do you agree?
15:18 jelmer> ack :)

Hence, please remove the package. Thanks!

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