[pkg-go] Bug#792053: Bug#792053: prometheus: FTBFS w/ test suite errors

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Fri Jul 10 17:45:06 UTC 2015

Hi Aaron,

On 10/07/15 19:26, Aaron M. Ucko wrote:

> Builds of prometheus on those architectures on which its build
> dependencies are available (so far just armel, armhf, and i386, aside
> from amd64) have been failing with assorted test suite errors:
> https://buildd.debian.org/status/logs.php?pkg=prometheus&ver=0.14.0%2Bds-1
> Architectural differences might play a part here (all attempted
> builds were 32-bit), but I suspect buildd configuration quirks may
> also be relevant, so I've gone with a severity of serious.

This is pretty weird.. There are a few precision mismatches, but many
instances of "expected 1, got 0". I will get some 32 bit machine and
take a look.

Thanks for reporting!

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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