[pkg-go] Bug#792105: Bug#792105: prometheus: unowned files after purge (policy 6.8, 10.8): /var/lib/prometheus/console{, _libraries}/*

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Thu Jul 16 11:22:52 UTC 2015

Hi Andreas,

On 11/07/15 12:24, Andreas Beckmann wrote:

> during a test with piuparts I noticed your package left unowned files on
> the system after purge, which is a violation of policy 6.8 (or 10.8):
> https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-maintainerscripts.html#s-removedetails
> Filing this as important as having a piuparts clean archive is a release
> goal since lenny.

Thanks for reporting. I have been thinking about a good way to solve
this, but still did not arrive to any good solution. These files are
examples to be used as an starting point for the user to build consoles.
So they can't be owned by the package, and if they are conffiles, the
user will be hassled with every upgrade (and deleted files restored)...

I will try to find a solution and upload a fix asap. Any recommendations
are welcomed!

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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