[pkg-go] Processing of golang-bugsnag-panicwrap_0.0~git20141111-1_amd64.changes

Potter, Tim (Cloud Services) timothy.potter at hpe.com
Wed Sep 9 02:58:43 UTC 2015

On 9 Sep 2015, at 10:37 am, Debian FTP Masters <ftpmaster at ftp-master.debian.org> wrote:
> golang-bugsnag-panicwrap_0.0~git20141111-1_amd64.changes uploaded successfully to localhost
> along with the files:
>  golang-bugsnag-panicwrap_0.0~git20141111-1.dsc
>  golang-bugsnag-panicwrap_0.0~git20141111.orig.tar.gz
>  golang-bugsnag-panicwrap_0.0~git20141111-1.debian.tar.xz
>  golang-github-bugsnag-panicwrap-dev_0.0~git20141111-1_all.deb
> Greetings,
> 	Your Debian queue daemon (running on host franck.debian.org)

Unfortunately this package needs to be re-uploaded, as there was a missing rename
of an install dependency.  I’ve fixed and pushed to alioth.  Could someone please upload
the new version?



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