[pkg-go] Bug#801558: Bug#801558: golang-codegangsta-cli-dev: fails to upgrade from 'testing' - trying to overwrite /usr/share/gocode/src/github.com/codegangsta/cli/command.go

Tianon Gravi admwiggin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 12 17:20:57 UTC 2015

On 11 October 2015 at 21:56, Andreas Beckmann <anbe at debian.org> wrote:
> It installed fine in 'testing', then the upgrade to 'sid' fails
> because it tries to overwrite other packages files without declaring a
> Breaks+Replaces relation.

Hmm, this seems strange, because "golang-github-codegangsta-cli-dev"
does have a Replaces/Breaks/Provides combo:

| Replaces: golang-codegangsta-cli-dev (<< 0.0~git20150117-1~)
| Breaks: golang-codegangsta-cli-dev (<< 0.0~git20150117-1~)
| Provides: golang-codegangsta-cli-dev

Are the version numbers wrong or something similarly simple I've overlooked?

- Tianon
  4096R / B42F 6819 007F 00F8 8E36  4FD4 036A 9C25 BF35 7DD4

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