[pkg-go] Bug#801596: Bug#801596: ratt hardcodes --dist=sid as sbuild argument

Michael Stapelberg stapelberg at debian.org
Mon Oct 12 18:59:10 UTC 2015

This was also reported as https://github.com/Debian/ratt/issues/1.

On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 1:23 PM, Johannes Schauer <josch at debian.org> wrote:

> Package: ratt
> Version: 0.0~git20150816.0.b060319-1
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> ratt currently seems to unconditionally pass --dist=sid to sbuild. This
> is problematic because:
>  1. it requires a local chroot with the name "sid" but it might also be
>     named "unstable" for example
>  2. it means that only a sid/unstable chroot can be used which makes
>     ratt less useful to test in other environments or to be used outside
>     of Debian (like Ubuntu)
> Maybe ratt should:
>  - have an option that lets pass arbitrary sbuild arguments
>  - have an option that lets one select the sbuild chroot
>  - use the Distribution value from the .changes file to choose the
>    chroot

I’d prefer reading the .changes file. Just to clarify: you were listing 3
alternatives that would all satisfy you, right? I.e., once extracting the
distribution from .changes files is implemented, your use-cases are
covered, yes?

> Thanks!
> cheers, josch
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