[pkg-go] Bug#801593: Bug#801593: ratt does not find all reverse build dependencies

Johannes Schauer josch at debian.org
Wed Oct 14 17:30:25 UTC 2015

Quoting Michael Stapelberg (2015-10-14 19:24:34)
> dh-make-golang actually does build-depend on golang-golang-x-tools-dev:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-go/packages/dh-make-golang.git/tree/debian/control?id=64d6a0f658cb9618af076935ba5c2f14315b74a0#n11

yes, but we were talking about golang-golang-x-tools and not
golang-golang-x-tools-dev. There is no dependency path from
golang-golang-x-tools-dev to golang-golang-x-tools either.

I also tried doing:

$ apt-get build-dep dh-make-golang golang-github-aws-aws-sdk-go golint

In a fresh debian unstable chroot. This did not install golang-golang-x-tools.
This means that even apt thinks that neither of those source packages build
depend on golang-golang-x-tools.


cheers, josch
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