[pkg-go] Bug#801593: Bug#801593: ratt does not find all reverse build dependencies

Johannes Schauer josch at debian.org
Thu Oct 15 05:37:26 UTC 2015


Quoting Michael Stapelberg (2015-10-14 22:25:25)
> Ah, so dose-ceve operates on binary packages in the invocation that we’re
> using.

yes. When I talk about source packages I prefix them with "src:" or explicitly
say "source packages". When I talk about binary packages then I will not use
that prefix and will also call them "binary package" except if it's clear from
the context (for example there are only virtual binary packages but no virtual
source packages).

> Is there a way to make it work on source packages instead?

In general: yes. If you want dose-ceve to operate on a source package you have
to let it look for src:golang-golang-x-tools (that selects the source package)
and not golang-golang-x-tools (that selects the binary package).

But this will not find any reverse dependencies because by default nothing
depends on the source package. This is because by default there is no
connection between the binary packages a source package builds to their source
package in the package graph. To fix this you'd add the --deb-builds-from
option which would connect all binary packages to the source package they build
from. The problem here is that this connection would be made for *all* source
packages and not only for src:golang-golang-x-tools. So you would still not get
the desired result (except if you are are also interested in checking whether
rebuilding a source package build depending on your new binary package also
still lets all source packages build depending on that *new* source packages
binary packages build properly).

> I feel like that would be a tad more efficient, as ratt would not need to
> extract all binary packages

Extracting all binary packages introduced by your upload is trivial. Just look
at the Binary: field in your .changes file.

> and dose-ceve would not need to parse all the binary index files.

It needs to parse the binary index files anyways because otherwise it cannot
give you transitive reverse dependencies.

So while I have commit rights to dose upstream git I do not see a benefit yet
in adding such a feature.


cheers, josch
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