[pkg-go] Bug#806481: Backport etcd to Jessie

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at debian.org
Sat Nov 28 01:19:54 UTC 2015

On Friday 27 November 2015 14:55:30 Paul Tagliamonte wrote:
> It'd be great to backport this to Jessie!

Hi Paul,

Without funding I won't be able to backport Etcd.
A significant amount of work is required. I estimate that about 20 dependency 
packages need to be backported as well. Frankly I doubt that the effort is 
worth it -- etcd is a statically linked binary so it would work just fine if 
installed straight from "testing" to Jessie (which could be facilitated by 
trivial apt pinning). At least that's how I use etcd on Jessie at the 

All the best,
 Dmitry Smirnov.


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