[pkg-go] Bug#806481: Bug#806481: Backport etcd to Jessie

Paul Tagliamonte paultag at debian.org
Wed Dec 9 13:47:14 UTC 2015

> I don't have any uploads anywhere, as I was just trying to do a build from
> the
> git repos of each repository.  I did read a bit over the steps to make
> things
> ready for backports, but I didn't try any of that yet.  Is it just a
> matter of
> changing the version number with an appropriate Changelog message?  If so,
> I
> can try starting with one to get the hang of it.  Is there any easy howtos
> for

Basically, yeah! Give one a shot and send it to me, and I can help make sure
everything looks great!

> beginners?  Most documentation I've seen is more reference material
> orientated, which I find a little hard to parse to get started.

Yeah, it's not great. Give it a best-whack and i'll provide some feedback,
it sounds like you're already doing it!

> If you want, I can stick my other files somewhere to download.  I don't
> know
> if they will be useful.
> --
> Matthew


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