[pkg-go] Fwd: Updating the pkg-go Team Maintenance policy

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at debian.org
Tue Jan 19 07:39:30 UTC 2016

On Wed, 6 Jan 2016 11:06:18 AM Alexandre Viau wrote:
> In order to accelerate cooperation, I would like for us to be able to
> upload other's packages without having to ask for permission.
> The current policy states that is is strongly recommended to ask
> maintainers for permission.

That's right, when you intended to upload a package it is polite and useful 
to notify uploaders and give them some time to respond. You can do team 
uploads even when you are not listed among Uploaders but you have to let 
other uploaders know. It won't hurt to wait a little in case Uploader(s) have 
any objections.

> I propose that we change the policy like so:
> - putting the team in the Maintainers field is a strong statement that
> fully collaborative maintenance is preferred. Anyone can commit to the
> git repository and upload as needed. A courtesy email to Uploaders can
> be nice but not required.

It makes me feel uncomfortable if team wants to maintain everything without 
notifying each other. There are people with different level of competence and 
some packages are more sensitive than others. What you suggest is to ignore 
Uploaders. If you are one of the Uploaders then feel free to upload at your 
discression. But when you are not, a courtesy email is a must. You can go 
ahead and upload anyway but team maintenance should encourage communication 
rather than mandate a blanket uploading rights for everything.

 Dmitry Smirnov.


It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except
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        -- Winston Churchill
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