[pkg-go] Bug#814227: Bug#814227: prometheus-node-exporter: Wrong upstream version 0.12.0

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Wed Feb 10 22:12:28 UTC 2016


On 09/02/16 11:13, Sylvain Veyrié wrote:

> I think version "0.12.0+ds-2" should be "0.12.0rc1+ds-2" on
> prometheus-node-exporter package.
> 0.12.0  does not exist in upstream yet: it has 3 release candidates
> (rc1, rc2 and rc3), and Makefile in deb source does specify 0.12.0rc1.

You are completely right. Sadly I only realised this after uploading,
and fixing it would require some version number hacking..

I was waiting for the final 0.12.0 to be released, but since that is
taking a while, I should try to fix this somehow...

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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