[pkg-go] Backport for golang-1.6 and dh-golang-1.12

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Wed May 4 10:17:19 UTC 2016

Hi Tim,

On 04/05/16 00:35, Potter, Tim (HPE Linux Support) wrote:
> Hi everyone.  I'm interested in doing a couple of backports to test the waters for a larger backport
> project for Docker 1.11.0. Does anyone have any objections to me submitting golang-1.6 and
> dh-golang-1.12 for including in the Jessie backports archive?

Actually, I am also working on a big backport for Prometheus. And the
first dependency is dh-golang, which I have already prepared. Actually,
I have about 20 packages almost ready for backports. I am just waiting
to get upload permissions to BPO.

Re golang, do they really need 1.6? That seems a bit bleeding edge, no?

Let's try to coordinate this, as surely we will care about some common

To start with, we should try to use the same conventions. I have started
using DEP-14 branches (that means naming the branch
debian/jessie-backports), and I think it is probably the most sensible
way forward.

I also get some tooling benefits: gbp will know automatically which
pbuilder to use, if you say dist=dep14

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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