[pkg-go] my first pkg-go package: golang-petname

Jonathan Dowland jmtd at debian.org
Wed Sep 28 16:32:50 UTC 2016


I've prepared my first package intended to be part of the team, I'd appreciate
it if anyone had the time to give the source a once-over


It's derived from the Ubuntu packaging. The key differences are

 * removal of the shared library
 * removal of build-dep on golang-any-shared-dev (I don't think we need an
   alternative here?)
 * renaming of golang-petname-dev to golang-github-dustinkirkland-golang-petname-dev.
   The latter is policy-compliant, and a virtual package (depending on the former)
   in Ubuntu. but, I don't think we need the cost of the virtual package in Debian.


Jonathan Dowland
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