[pkg-go] Bug#855808: Bug#855808: prometheus: Graph page on web interface references nonexistent mustache.min.js

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Tue Feb 21 21:52:15 UTC 2017

Hi Drew,

On 21/02/17 18:09, Drew Bloechl wrote:

> The graph page on the Prometheus web interface references a
> mustache.min.js file that doesn't exist in my libjs-mustache package,
> which makes the page nonfunctional. I see the file list in the 2.3.0-2
> version of libjs-mustache does include this file, so I think the
> prometheus package needs to depend on libjs-mustache (>= 2.3.0).

Thanks for spotting this. It is definitely an omission on my part, but
libjs-mustache 2.3.0-2 has been in testing since December, so this can
only affect you if you have not updated that package...

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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