[pkg-go] Bug#855927: Bug#855927: golang-prometheus-client: FTBFS: dh_auto_build: go install -v -p 1 github.com/prometheus/client_golang/deps/bitbucket.org/ww/goautoneg github.com/prometheus/client_golang/deps/github.com/beorn7/perks/quantile github.com/prometheus/client_golang/extraction github.com/prometheus/client_golang/model github.com/prometheus/client_golang/prometheus github.com/prometheus/client_golang/text returned exit code 1

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at debian.org
Thu Feb 23 15:07:37 UTC 2017

On 23/02/17 at 11:24 -0300, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> Hi Lucas,
> On 23/02/17 10:27, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> > Source: golang-prometheus-client
> This package has been removed from unstable and testing already. I only
> need to remove it from backports now.


The source is still in testing for some reason.


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