[pkg-go] Bug#859655: (no subject)

Michael Lustfield michael at lustfield.net
Sun Apr 16 06:14:58 UTC 2017

Control: owner -1 !

I agree that this is a very long commit, but it makes only one change and it's
pretty easy to follow the logic. It also offers an easy way to opt-out.

Thinking about SSH, in the real world, it's typically rare that the default
host key checking behavior causes problems. I don't expect this situation would
be an exception, but that assumes no bugs in the checks themselves.

I don't believe removal is an option, but I've also never worked with a freeze
exception. To ensure this gets resolved, I will commit to doing the needful. If
anyone else has more experience and wants to coach or take over, please do.

A bit of a side note, this patch is included in current unstable and I'm not
aware of any new reproducible build failures. I will follow up on that
statement, but it at least gives me some confidence we can prevent regressions
in testing.

Michael Lustfield

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