[pkg-go] golang-gopkg-alecthomas-kingpin.v3/3.0~git20180227.b8d601d-1 breaks golang-gopkg-alecthomas-kingpin.v3-unstable/2.1.11+git20171010.63abe20-1 autopkgtest in testing

Martín Ferrari tincho at tincho.org
Mon May 14 14:21:25 BST 2018

On 14/05/18 13:52, Paul Gevers wrote:
> On 14-05-18 14:15, Paul Gevers wrote:
>> I'll fool the system in a decent way and let you know what I did.
> I added a hint for britney. After the next sync you'll be able to see it
> here: https://release.debian.org/britney/hints/elbrus
> I think the package will migrate tonight.

Thanks for your help!!

Martín Ferrari (Tincho)

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