[pkg-go] Bug#899287: golang-github-gorilla-mux: Invalid address docker-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org in Uploaders: field

Christoph Biedl debian.axhn at manchmal.in-ulm.de
Tue May 22 08:19:35 BST 2018

Package: src:golang-github-gorilla-mux
Version: 1.1-4
Severity: normal
User: admin at alioth-lists.debian.net
Usertag: alioth-lists-uploaders

Dear maintainer of the golang-github-gorilla-mux package,

as you've probably heard, Debian's alioth services are shutting down.
This affects your package golang-github-gorilla-mux since the list
address docker-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org used in the Uploaders:
field was not transferred to the alioth-lists service that provides a
continuation for the lists in the @lists.alioth.debian.org domain.

Addresses that were not migrated have been disabled some time ago.
Therefore your package now has an invalid address in the Uploaders:
list. Please fix this since when convient.

Your options:

* Upload another version with that address removed or replaced,

* Migrate the list to the new system. This is still possible,
  please appoint a Debian developer as a list owner first, then
  contact the alioth lists migration team <admin at alioth-lists.debian.net>
  and provide all the necessary information.

  More information about the new service can be found here:

* More options, even if imperfect, can be found at

The first option is probably suitable only if the address was used just
in a small number of packages since this requires an upload for each of
them. To our knowledge, the usage count of
docker-maint at lists.alioth.debian.org is 5.

The second option is available for a limited time only, by end of
May 2018 the most. So if you're interested in going this way, start the
process as soon as possible.


    Christoph and some alioth-lists maintainers
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