[pkg-go] Bug#903385: dh-golang: Allow the "build" dh stage to call "go build" instead of "go install"

Paride Legovini pl at ninthfloor.org
Mon Jul 9 11:15:57 BST 2018

Package: dh-golang
Version: 1.34
Severity: normal


There is at least one case when it would be preferable to have the build
dh stage to call ’go build’ instead of ’go install’. This is when
building c-shared libraries with -buildmode=c-shared. In this case ‘go
install’ builds the shared library object, but gives it a ‘.a’ extension
and installs it in a not well defined location. This is discussed in this
upstream issue:


The upstream indication is that "The expectation is that people will use
go build -buildmode=c-shared -o foo.so" and that using ‘go install’ "will
put the shared library in a relatively unpredictable place".

Given these facts, I think dh-golang should support a ‘go build’ mode.
One way this could be implemented is via a --build-only flag to be
passed to dh_auto_build. If there is consensus on this I can send a
patch implementing it.

This problem arose while packaging fscrypt, see in particular:



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