[pkg-go] Creating RFS bugs and maybe consider posting to the new ML

Alexandre Viau aviau at debian.org
Fri Jul 27 13:27:20 BST 2018

On 2018-07-27 08:19 AM, Martín Ferrari wrote:
> My rationale is that I have to remember to close the bug manually after
> doing the upload, or include it in the changelog (but for that I need to
> add an extra commit).

I don't mind the extra commit.

FWIW the person that opens the RFS bug can even include it in the
changelog himself.

Bugs also allow you to mark an upload as pending.

> Honestly, I would try to aim to remove the need for RFS completely.
> Sadly we never got used to a PET-based workflow, where RFSs are not
> needed at all, because you see what packages are ready for upload and
> you can just sponsor whenever you have some free time.

Seeing what package is waiting to be sponsored isn't enough for me. Bugs
also contain message threads with comments/requests from the sponsor.

Alexandre Viau
aviau at debian.org

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