[pkg-go] Bug#908276: gitlab-runner: Depends: or Recommends: xz-utils is missing

Birger Schacht birger at rantanplan.org
Fri Sep 7 21:45:08 BST 2018

Package: gitlab-runner
Version: 11.0.0+dfsg-2
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainers,

the shipped script /usr/lib/gitlab-runner/mk-prebuilt-images.sh uses the
`xz` binary, which is part of xz-utils. gitlab-runner should thus depend
on or at least recommend the package xz-utils.
If xz-utils is not installed, the script errors out:
> I: Generating GitLab Runner Docker image. This may take a while...
> I: cdebootstrap; saving build log to
/var/cache/gitlab-runner/cdebootstrap.log |
> /bin/sh: 1: xz: not found
> tar: stable.tar.xz: Wrote only 4096 of 10240 bytes
> tar: Child returned status 127
> tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now


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