[pkg-go] Urgent Response.

Dr. Sean Kim. info at daidochem.co.jp
Thu Sep 20 12:26:11 BST 2018


We are a US company based in the UK.

Please confirm if you received the email we sent to you concerning the supply of an industrial raw material to our company. These raw materials can only be purchased from India and Fiji Island but cheaper in India. Our Company is desperatley in need of this product of which we hope you could help us source for it since our previous supplier in India died a few months back.

Note that you will be fully compensated and paid for your services to our Company upon confirmation of the product.

Kindly view our website for further information.

Further details will be emailed to you upon receipt of your response as I await for your reply via my personal email: 


Dr. Sean Kim.
US No/Whatsapp: +1-651-927-4361.
UK No: +44-748-053-3470

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