[pkg-go] Bug#905562: Migration from Font-Awesome to Fork-Awesome

Alexandre Viau aviau at debian.org
Thu Oct 4 01:31:39 BST 2018


I have been in touch with the guys at Fork-Awesome and I have exposed
them the following problem[1]:

 - We want to package Font-Awesome v5 projects in Debian, however, the
migration from Font-Awesome V5 to Fork-Awesome can be cumbersome.

In response to this, they have developed a compatibility layer, helping
Font-Awesome v5 users migrate to Fork-Awesome with minimal efforts:
 - Font-Awesome V5 icon names that also exist in Fork-Awesome are
   supported as aliases
 - Font-Awesome V5 classes are aliased to their equivalent Fork-Awesome

The only icons that would stop working after such a migration are icons
that are only available in Font-Awesome V5.

It may be that Fork-Awesome has very similar icons that can be used as a
replacement. In that case, it may even be worth to add a new alias,
which we did for the Font Awesome Sync icon that looked very similar to
the Fork Awesome Refresh.[2]

I have been in touch with Syncthing and they have merged my patch that
transitions Syncthing to Fork-Awesome[3]. As you can see, the diff is
very minimal and the transition was seamless. Upstream understood the
problem and was happy to move to Fork-Awesome.

Even if the patch wasn't merged by Syncthing, it would have been
reasonable to maintain the patch in Debian.

I suggest that the next step are:
 - We package Fork-Awesome for Debian
 - We patch Debian packages that require Font-Awesome v5 so that they
   use Fork-Awesome, and submit the patches upstream.

1. https://github.com/ForkAwesome/Fork-Awesome/issues/112
3. https://github.com/ForkAwesome/Fork-Awesome/issues/115


Alexandre Viau
aviau at debian.org

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