[pkg-go] Can you support my client .

mitchell robert mitchellrobert465 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 08:36:26 BST 2019

Can you support my client .

I am Barrister Mitchell Robert I want to know if you will support my client
to invest in your country and get rewarded financially without leaving or
affecting your present job.

I represent Mrs. Chung Hee- Ja, wife of Mr. Kim Woo Chung the founder and
former chairman of the Daewoo Motors Group in South Korea here in after
shall be referred to as my client and it is on her instruction that I am
doing all that i am doing  now.

She is looking for a foreign individual or a corporate that can profitably
invest US$150 Million on real estates outside Hong Kong.

Mrs.Chung Hee- Ja Kim Chung is willing to reward you with 10% for your
partnership role when fund successful transfer in your account.

Contact for more details Email:mitchellrobert790 at gmail.com


Barrister. Mitchell Robert .
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