[pkg-go] Bug#942871: prometheus-mongodb-exporter: segfaults with mongodb 4.2

Santiago Vila sanvila at unex.es
Thu Oct 24 10:17:58 BST 2019

Hi. One minor clarification. I said:

> My /etc/default/prometheus-mongodb-exporter is like this:
> ARGS='-mongodb.uri="mongodb://user:password@localhost:27017" -log_dir /var/log/prometheus -web.listen-address :9201'

Note that this is a replica set but for simplicity I'm trying to connect to localhost.
This used to work with mongodb 4.0.

I'm actually expecting the behaviour from percona:


 Note about how this works

 Point the process to any mongo port and it will detect if it is a
 mongos, replicaset member, or stand alone mongod and return the
 appropriate metrics for that type of node. This was done to prevent
 the need to an exporter per type of process.

but I'm not really sure if that's also true for this mongodb exporter.

I tried to put the replica set name in the URI but did not manage to
make it work that way.


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