[pkg-go] Bug#943891: umoci: autopkgtest regression: can't load package: package .: no Go files

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Thu Oct 31 13:06:05 GMT 2019

Source: umoci
Version: 0.4.4+dfsg-3
X-Debbugs-CC: debian-ci at lists.debian.org
User: debian-ci at lists.debian.org
Usertags: regression

Dear maintainers,

With a recent upload of umoci the autopkgtest of umoci fails in testing
when that autopkgtest is run with the binary packages of umoci from
unstable. It passes when run with only packages from testing. In tabular
                       pass            fail
umoci                  from testing    0.4.4+dfsg-3
all others             from testing    from testing

I copied some of the output at the bottom of this report.

Currently this regression is blocking the migration to testing [1]. Can
you please investigate the situation and fix it? If needed, please
change the bug's severity.

More information about this bug and the reason for filing it can be found on


[1] https://qa.debian.org/excuses.php?package=umoci


autopkgtest [11:10:57]: test command1: [-----------------------
[info] Testing github.com/openSUSE/umoci...
[info] Source code installed by binary package, overriding
dh build --buildsystem=golang --with=golang --builddirectory=_build
   dh_update_autotools_config -O--buildsystem=golang
   dh_autoreconf -O--buildsystem=golang -O--builddirectory=_build
   debian/rules override_dh_auto_configure
make[1]: Entering directory
mkdir -p "_build"
cp -a /usr/share/gocode/src "_build"
make[1]: Leaving directory
   debian/rules override_dh_auto_build
make[1]: Entering directory
COMMIT=1 COMMIT_NO=1 /usr/bin/make doc
make[2]: Entering directory
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-unpack.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-unpack.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-remove.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-remove.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-stat.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-stat.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-config.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-config.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-ls.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-ls.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-raw-add-layer.1.md -out
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-repack.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-repack.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-new.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-new.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-gc.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-gc.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-tag.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-tag.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-rm.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-rm.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci.1.md -out doc/man/umoci.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-raw.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-raw.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-init.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-init.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-raw-unpack.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-raw-unpack.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-raw-runtime-config.1.md -out
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-insert.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-insert.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-raw-config.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-raw-config.1
go-md2man -in doc/man/umoci-list.1.md -out doc/man/umoci-list.1
make[2]: Leaving directory
## `go generate` must run in "vendor":
DH_GOPKG="github.com/openSUSE/umoci/vendor"    dh_auto_build -v
go: warning: "github.com/openSUSE/umoci/vendor/..." matched no packages
	cd _build && go generate -v
can't load package: package .: no Go files in
dh_auto_build: cd _build && go generate -v returned exit code 1
make[1]: *** [debian/rules:13: override_dh_auto_build] Error 255
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [debian/rules:7: build] Error 2
autopkgtest [11:11:00]: test command1: -----------------------]

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