[pkg-go] Bug#947857: golang-github-juju-testing: Remove depends/build-depends on src:mongodb

morph at debian.org morph at debian.org
Tue Dec 31 19:40:54 GMT 2019

Package: golang-github-juju-testing
Severity: normal

this package still depends/build-depends on a binary package from src:mongodb.
As mentioned in #947743, there are several issues with mongodb:

* rc-buggy
* un-upgreadable due to license issues
* not part of stable
* preventing some py2rm work

and so we're trying to remove it from Debian as it doesnt provide a good
enough solution nor provides an actual service to our users (who very likely
want to get a latest version of mongodb, which we cant provide).

Please remove the dependency (either binary of build-) from this package.


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