[pkg-go] Bug#941825: syncthing: 2Gb index-v0.14.0.db

Simon Frei freisim93 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 16:54:57 BST 2020

Two related comments, though about versions from the future :) :
 - In 1.3.0 new db settings were introduced, which didn't work on 32bit
arches, resulting in huge databases. Was fixed in 1.3.1 (aka please skip
packaging 1.3.0).
 - In 1.4.0 a db optimisation was introduced, that cuts the db size down
a lot.
 - In 1.5.0 there will be an option to store the db in a separate
location. On new installs where XDG_HOME_DIR is set or
~/.local/share/syncthing exists, those directories will be used by default.

And a general note: There are no reports upstream of unusually large
databases. And 2GB isn't unreasonable given sufficiently large synced
folders. Pre 1.4.0 my db was ~1.5GB for ~500GB, 1e6 items.

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