[pkg-go] Bug#958370: golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go-v3: Remove this package from archive

Shengjing Zhu zhsj at debian.org
Tue Apr 21 20:38:13 BST 2020

Hi Nobuhiro,

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 11:09 AM Shengjing Zhu <zhsj at debian.org> wrote:
> src:golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go/3.2.0-1 has been uploaded to archive
> for a long time. It's time to retire this
> golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go-v3 package.
> The following packages have direct build-depends on
> golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go-v3-dev:
> # build-rdeps --old golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go-v3-dev

> goval-dictionary
> vuls

Now only src:goval-dictionary and src:vuls have build-depends on
Actually they both don't need this library, just removing
golang-github-dgrijalva-jwt-go-v3-dev from d/control is enough.

So my question is, since they are both in unstable and experimental,
Can I just upload the version in experimental to unstable?


Shengjing Zhu

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