[pkg-go] Bug#966466: tracking bug for syncthing 1.7.1 deps

Nicholas D Steeves nsteeves at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 21:43:12 BST 2020

Package: syncthing
Version: 1.1.4~ds1-5
Severity: normal
Control: block -1 by 915649 966427

I was working on 1.5.1, but decided to do a quick check of what it would take to jump straight to 1.7.1.  My initial investigation showed the trip through NEW for blobloom would probably be the greatest delaying factor.

Next I'll diff go.mod between 1.2.0~ds1 and my WIP 1.7.1~ds1 and will manually check versions in sid, since I don't yet know a better way.

I'm also looking forward to the improvements in reducing the high load
issues that impact desktop interactivity (fixed in 1.6.x) :-)


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