[pkg-go] Bug#985140: gobgpd: bash-completion script attempts to source missing file

Kevin Locke kevin at kevinlocke.name
Sat Mar 13 15:30:49 GMT 2021

Package: gobgpd
Version: 2.18.0-1+b2
Severity: normal

Dear Maintainer,

gobgp installs a bash-completion script at
/usr/share/bash-completion/completions/gobgp which starts with:

. `dirname $BASH_SOURCE`/gobgp-static-completion.bash
. `dirname $BASH_SOURCE`/gobgp-dynamic-completion.bash

Since these files do not exist, it causes the script not to function.
Presumably these should be changed to:

. `dirname $BASH_SOURCE`/gobgp-static
. `dirname $BASH_SOURCE`/gobgp-dynamic

To match the files installed by in the gobgp package.


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